Hello everyone. After a long hiatus, for a variety of reasons, the Turtletechie is back. After a few issues with the old site and then the craziness of life, I abandoned turtletechie.com for other ventures. Now that some time has passed, I realize how much a missed running the site. So, starting today, turtletechie.com is back.

Currently I will be releasing a few articles a week along with working on the design of the new site. Expect things to look like a bit of a mess for a few weeks while I propagate the different categories with content and begin organizing them into a site that is easy to browse and follow. For those of you that used to follow this site, I hope you find your way back.

If you are already watching the site, welcome back and thank you for returning and your patience for all this time. If you have any ideas on content that you would like to see, I’m all ears. Drop me a line and let me know what you would like to see in the way of content and articles.

Like before, I plan on covering all the latest technology from Windows to Mac to mobile. Along the way I also want to include a little on the retro world. This includes classic systems such as the Commodore and the NES, emulation and much more. You can expect the latest tech news, how-to guides, and much more to make their way to the site.

My hope is there will be something on this site for everyone, whether you like old or new tech. I may even do a few off-topic posts here and there just for the fun of it. It’s my site, after all. What would you like to see me cover here?