In times gone by Microsoft ruled the web browser kingdom with an iron fix, but oh how the mighty fall. For many years now, Microsoft has been ruling the bottom with the likes of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and even Opera enjoying much more success in the browser market. With Microsoft Edge, the company hoped to recapture the good ‘ole days, but even it struggled to lure users away from other browsers. In January, Microsoft released a completely rebuilt version of Edge based on the Chromium browser. The very same browser upon which Chrome is built.

Now, however, it appears Google isn’t going to stand by and watch while Microsoft attempts to coax browser customers back to them. Because Edge is now built upon Chromium, you can install the very same extensions that you use on Chrome, or Opera. But, users have spotted a new warning stating that there could be security risks to you if you install Chrome extensions on Edge. What’s most interesting to me, however, is that Google doesn’t do this when using browsers such as Opera, which are also based on the Chromium browser, just as Edge is today.

While it is still early to tell for certain, for now it seems there are no real security risks when doing it. It’s more of a scare tactic than anything. While the possibility does exist, the chances are remote at best at least for now. No one knows for sure how many changes Microsoft has made to the Chromium browser, and that could be why Google has decided to warn users about the risks. But, why do they not do that for other browser creators? It seems they take the browser threat from Microsoft a little more seriously than they do from other browser creators.

To be completely fair, Microsoft has done the same thing in the past. In Windows 10, it would often recommend Edge over other browsers for security and even speed concerns. So turn about is fair play. Do you plan on giving the new Edge browser a fair shot or do you plan on sticking with Chrome?